Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dearly Departed Cast List

We are THRILLED to announce the cast for Dearly Departed, the drop dead funny Southern comedy that will open April 11, 2014! Director Lauren Fortuna has assembled a cast that mixes returning friends and first-time ACTers. Congratulations to all who auditioned - if your name isn't on this list, we hope it will be on the next one! 

Raynelle - Judi Pratt
RayBud - Adam Arthur 
Lucille - Amy LaDeroute 
Junior - Craig Justus
Suzanne - Susie Davis
Marguerite - Diane Chapman 
Royce - Waylon Wood
Delightful - Stephanie O'Rear 
Rev. Hooker - Frank Salvo
Veda - Annette Hobbs
Norval - Terry Ward 
Nadine - Cary Nichols
Clyde - Eric Mills
Juanita - Honor Moor
Bud - TBA 

Joy of Life Singers: 
Andriette Kinesella
Tracy Munn
Peter Johnson
Gary Gaines
Susan Mengel

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cabaret: Creating the Set

Jill Summers (bottom left) is the Technical Director here at Asheville Community Theatre. She's also designed many of the sets over the past few years, and has been working hard on the concept and build for Cabaret.

Jill shared her scenic model for Cabaret with the staff, cast, and crew a few weeks ago (top right). It's a two level set with a space between the grand staircases so that the orchestra can be seated onstage. It's grounded by a metal centerpiece (hence, the welding, top left) with wooden platforming, the beginnings of which are show on the bottom right. Of course, by the time Jill and her talented crew of carpenters and painters are through, the metal and the bare wood will be transformed into the Kit Kat Klub.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cabaret: The Inside Scoop

That's me on the right! Lyle Laney is on the left,
Jessica Pisano (Sally Bowles) is center, and
Alan Malpass is on the floor!
Hi everyone, my name is Van Raynor and I am a marketing intern for ACT. I am also in this years production of Cabaret. Jenny Bunn and I thought that we would give you an inside scoop on what is happening behind the scenes of Cabaret.

If you have never seen the show, Cabaret is set in Berlin in the 1920s during the rise of Nazi Germany. The show takes place in the debaucherous Kit Kat Klub with a wide variety of interesting (and very flexible, I might add) club dancers. Cliff Bradshaw, an American writer, comes to the city in the search of inspiration for his book. He goes to the "Klub" where he meets Sally Bowles, a British singer. The characters face many new challenges and decisions that will change their lives maybe for the better, maybe for the worse as they move into the new political climate.

This sizzling show directed by Jerry Crouch will be sure to keep you warm in the month of February. The cast of 15 who have various backgrounds in acting, dancing and singing, have been rehearsing since December in preparation of opening night on the 7th of February 2014. We are all excited to get this show up on its feet! Our almost nightly rehearsals have left some of us - and I can testify to this - sore and out of breath because of the tough dance steps our choreographer Kathy Myers has given us. Just wait for some of the lifts and routines we have waiting for you at the "Klub!" And if that isn't enough we have Lenora Thom as our Music Director which as anyone who's worked with her before knows that she will get you singing to a German efficiency. Director Jerry Crouch has been taking candid pictures of the rehearsals for the past few weeks and we thought we would show you a few to get you in that Cabaret spirit!
Scenes from a musical - or at least the rehearsals!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Santaland Diaries: Crumpet's Top 10 Holiday Wishes NUMBER 10

The Santaland Diaries is back for the 12th year in a row at Asheville Community Theatre! This year's production stars Bradshaw Call and is directed by Betsy Puckett. They've cooked up a really creative way to tell this story - and we can't wait to see it!

The Santaland Diaries is, in a nutshell, an "oh my gosh that's SO true" elf's eye view of massive meltdowns, ridiculous expectations, and customer service holiday horrors. If you've ever worked retail during the holidays - or really, if you've ever been in a retail store during the holidays - this story will seem all too true. And guess what? It IS a true story!

Crumpet is the elf name our narrator is required to go by during his stint working at Macy's Herald Square. He's not thrilled about that. Or about a number of other things. So, we put together a list of his Top Ten wishes that would make his holidays a little better. Count down with us all the way to number one! Plus, watch for our "caption this" photo (hint: we'll release it on Wednesday afternoon) to win two free tickets to The Santaland Diaries!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cabaret: Cast List

Asheville Community Theatre is happy to announce the cast for the upcoming production of Cabaret opening February 7, 2014.

EMCEE - Kevin Moxley*
SALLY - Jessica Hutchman
CLIFF - Mark Jones
HERR SCHULTZ - James Curley*
ERNST LUDWIG - Luke Haynes

KIT KAT KLUB GIRLS & BOYS: Fleming Lomax, Jax Ranger*, Leslie Lang, Ashley Dillingham*, Karen Panek, Rebecca O'Quinn*, Lyle Laney, Jacob Walas, Van Raynor and Alan Malpass

The Cabaret Creative Team and the staff of ACT would like to thank the 45 talented actors, singers and dancers who auditioned for the 17 roles in this legendary Broadway musical drama.

One of the most exciting things about this wonderful cast is the *6 new actors who will be joining the ACT family for the first time! As the Emcee of the KIT KAT KLUB says "Wilkommen!"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Study Guide

We have two matinee performances during the run of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever that are for school groups only.  For those performances, we provide a study guide that we send to teachers in advance of the field trip.  But guess what? The study guide is great for any young audience member - whether they're attending a school performance or not!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best Christmas Pageant: Cast List

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! We know how much courage it takes to try out for a show, and we wish that every show had more parts to go around.

Drumroll, please! Here's the cast list for the show:

Father: Jeff Corpening
Reverend: Frank Salvo
Mother: Robin Oswald
Mrs. McCarthy: Carla Pridgen
Mrs. Slocum: Viola Williams
Mrs. Armstrong: Francis Davis
Mrs. Clausing: Karen Lechner
Imogene: Charlie Abell
Beth: Delaney Martin
Alice: JyAire McEachni
Maxine: Eleanor Conner
Doris: Isabelle McLellan
Gladys: Riley Oswald
Beverly: Victoria Weatherman
Shirley: Finlay Martin
Ralph: Cade Wooten
Elmer: Frank Davis
Leroy: Matthew Daggerhart
Claude: Brendan Nickerson
Hobie: Luke McLellan
Charlie: Gavin Reep
Ollie: Reed Atherton
David: Ben Kepple
Baby Angels: Violet Conner, Lucille Conner, Ellery Grace

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Annie Get Your Gun: Press and Reviews

Annie Get Your Gun is open! We had full houses for all three performances Opening Weekend and welcomed 380 students and teachers to a school matinee performance just this morning (which ended with high school students chorusing together on songs from the show as they waited for their bus in the lobby). Everyone in the cast and crew is majorly excited and minorly exhausted. At least we think that's the order!

A triumvirate of talent: Charlie Davenport (Pat LaCorte),
Sitting Bull (Mike Vaniman), and Buffalo Bill (Richard Blue)
scheme and sing throughout the show. Photo by Tommy Propest
This show has generated a lot of excitement in the press as well. The Mountaineer ran a terrific preview piece on Annie Get Your Gun by Mark Ellis-Bennett of The Biltmore Beacon. It includes interviews with director Jerry Crouch and stars Brandon Kersey and Jacqueline Collison-Canney. Tony Kiss of the Asheville Citizen-Times also chatted with director Jerry Crouch prior to opening.

And this morning, we received our first review! Jim Cavener of the Asheville Citizen-Times says that Annie Get Your Gun is "this is a theater experience to make time and space to see and enjoy." The show runs for three more weekends through October 13 - and we hope that gives you enough time to join us for a performance!