Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cast List: La Cage Aux Folles

Drumroll, please!

We're thrilled to announce the cast for our next Mainstage show, La Cage Aux Folles:

Georges ... Coy Theobalt
Albin ... Bradshaw Call
Jean-Michel ... Maximilian Koger*
Jacob ... Tim Geib
Jacqueline ... YaShanna Shepherd*
Edward Dindon ... James Curley
Marie Dindon ... Carla Pridgen
Anne Dindon ... Bradey Walter*

The Cagelles Drag Queens
Hanna ... Jacob Walas;
Chantal ... Marcos Cunha
Phaedra ... Lupe Perez
Mercedes ... Zacary Landolt
Bitelle ... Zachary Eden*
Monique ... Fleming Lomax

The La Cage Entertainers
Tabarro ... Alan Malpass
Babette ... Trissa King
Paulette ... Taylor Knighton*
Francis ... Frank Salvo
Etienne ... Jerome Sims
Pepe ... Drew Emmanuel

On the Promenade Boardwalk
Renaud ... Bob Kelso* 
Mmme Renaud ... Allison Stinson*

* Denotes first appearance on the ACT stage!

Our Thanks from the La Cage Creative Team ...
Jerry Crouch-Director; Stuart Littleton-Music Director
Shari Azar-Choreographer; Richard Holcomb-Stage Manager
Karen Maney-Rehearsal Accompanist;  Lenora Thom – Rehearsal Tapes
Jill Summers-Set Design; Adam Cohen-Lighting Design
Ida-Costumes; Vanessa Sogan – Wigs / Makeup; Jean Fullbright – Props
Carole Saich – Script Assistant

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cast List: The Man Who Came to Dinner

We are thrilled to announce the cast of our next Mainstage production, The Man Who Came to Dinner!

We also wanted to offer our thanks to everyone who came out to audition. We had an enormous group of extremely talented folks who came out in very chilly weather. It made our choices very hard! If your name is not on this list, please come back and audition for the next show!

Sheridan Whiteside: Steve Turner
Maggie Cutler: Christy Montesdeoca
Banjo: Pat LaCorte
Beverly Carlton: John Mendenhall
Lorraine Sheldon : Julianne Arnall
Professor Metz: George Heard
Westcott: Gary Gaines
Bert Jefferson: Coy Theobalt
Mr. Stanley: Bill Parks
Mrs. Stanley: Vicki Partin
June Stanley: Lora Ristau
Richard Stanley: Badi Mirheli
Harriet Stanley: Susan Mengel
Sandy: Caleb Owalabi
Sarah - Cook: Kathy O'Connor
John - Butler: Jim Weyhenmeyer
Dr. Bradley: Mike Vaniman
Miss Preen: Ariel Casale
Mr. Baker: Donald Ramsey

Seussical Study Guide

Coming to see Seussical? Check out our study guide that we created for our field trip groups - but here's a hint: it's full of fun activities and interesting info for everyone in our audience!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cast List: Seussical

Director Mark Jones and Musical Director Sarah Fowler are pleased to announce the cast for Seussical!

Cat in the Hat: Trissa King
JoJo: Ethan Suess
Horton: Colby Coren
Gertrude: Alexa Edelman
Mayzie: Candice Owen
Sour Kangaroo: Karen Covington-Yow
Young Kangaroo: Reese Carlton
Bird Girls: Annelise Henry, Lauren Hewer, Hannah Kepple
Wickershams: Charlie Burchill, Kristen Hipps, Carson Fox
Mrs. Mayor: Jessica Shepherd
Mr. Mayor: Frank Salvo
Yertle the Turtle: Greg Austin
Vlad Vladikoff/The Grinch: Jan Dixon
Marshall: Christine Johnson

Congratulations to all in the cast - and a huge thank you to everyone who auditioned! It is so thrilling to see the amazing talent that is in our community. If you're not on this cast list, please try again for the next one!  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cast List: Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Wow! We had a HUGE number of people to audition for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Congratulations to everyone who came out - it is such an act of courage to show up and audition! - and we hope that if your name isn't on this list that it will be on the next one!

Beth Bradley ... Perry Berlin
Charlie Bradley ... Cass Cusic
Mother (Grace Bradley) ... Tara Theodossis
Father (Bob Bradley) ... William Ehrsam
Ralph Herdman ... Rohan Myers
Imogene Herdman ... Nora Flynn-McIver
Leroy Herdman ... Will Cowan
Claude Herdman ... Alex Gast
Ollie Herdman ... Sam Collett
Gladys Herdman ... Katie Purnell
Alice Windleken ... Elyse Bassett
Maxine ... Jennings Gibbs- Barger
Maryanne ... Mia Bradshaw
Beverly ... Victoria Weatheman
Shirley ... Ella Miles-Peart
Doris ... Lexi Charlson
Juanita ... Jessica Charlson
Elmer Hopkins ... Harrison Best
Hobie ... Reed Atherton
David ... Evan Oldenburg
Children’s Ensemble ... Joseph Miller-Baile, Reese Carlton, Yanna Ehrsam, Liam Ehrsam
Mrs. Armstrong ... Mary Ann Heinen
Mrs. Slocum ... Emily Cowan
Mrs. Clark ... Pat Barratt
Mrs. Clausing ... Cathe Bradshaw
Mrs, McCarthy ... Joyce Wood
Reverend Hopkins ... Phillip Miles
Firefighters ... Jason Perry, Ron Barratt

Director Lori Hilliard shared, "This is an incredible cast and I am so thrilled to be working with them. It is going to be a fabulous show!!"

Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Silent Auction at Costume Drama

This year, Costume Drama: A Fashion Show has expanded to be both a creative event and a fundraiser for ACT. We've added a silent auction and a pre and post party to the evening ... with a jazz band, champagne, appetizers and desserts!

The silent auction items are incredible. With over $18,000 worth of amazing items to bid on - including many of the dresses you'll see in the show! - there are so many ways to support ACT while walking away with original artwork, adventure experiences, beer packages, wine tastings, jewelry and more!

Buy your tickets to Costume Drama: A Fashion Show online or call us at 828-254-1320.

Here's a list of the items at our silent auction:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Not Now, Darling: Cast List

We're thrilled to announce the cast for Not Now, Darling, our final show of the season! So exciting to see so many first time names on this list as well as familiar ones!

Gilbert Bodley ... Michael Keene
Maude Bodley ... Cary Nichols
Arnold Crouch ... Jerry Crouch
Miss Tipdale ... Kristen Livengood
Harry McMichael ... Steve Turner
Janie McMichael ... Heather Ingle
Mrs. Frencham ... Jorja Ursin
Mr. Frencham ... Bruce Gruber
Miss Whittington ... Emily Crock
Sue Lawson ... Rachel Adams
Mr. Lawson ... Christian Carmean

Not Now, Darling is a confection of a show that runs on the Mainstage August 14-30, 2015. We can't wait to see this retro farce!