Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unbelievable Variety in the Variety Show!

DramaRama ends tonight with The Good Old Fashioned Variety Show!  One of the acts pictured will walk away with $500!

And you'll walk away with a lot of show for your money! Asheville's top stand-up comedian, Greg Brown, is in the show.  The choreographer from Chicago and Guys and Dolls, Tina Pisano-Foor, is in the show. Some of ACT's favorite performers from the past year (Bradshaw Call, Matt Harper, Nana Hosmer, Jeff Thompson, Emma Stoneberg - we're looking at you!) are competing tonight. Clarke Spencer will drop your jaw with his singing and guitar playing.  Regina Loveday mixes gospel with classic jazz. And Lisa Ross is singing her heart out (and celebrating her son's second birthday) at tonight's show!  

We have blues guitar by Harold Robeson, original folk music by Sea Guisando, a gospel number from Total Praise, and a hip hop/Bhangra dance by Christine Garvin & Diana McCall.

Plus an artistic rollerskating routine from Jessica Adams.

Plus a number by the unstoppable Shirley Cohen.

Emcee-ing tonight are the fabulous Betsy Puckett and the debonaire Scottie McCall.  The luminous 2011 Diva*licious winner Sara Fields returns to the stage for a number.  We're welcoming three celebrity judges - Matt Lutz who just debuted on Broadway, Charlie Flynn-McIver who produces tremendous professional theatre in Asheville, and the honorable Mayor Terry Bellamy!  And our incredible band is fronted by the always awesome Aaron Price.

All week, people have been buzzing about how much fun they've been having at DramaRama events. Well, this is the last one for this year - you're going to want to be one of those buzzing tomorrow! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You're the One that LaNita Wants!

If you know LaNita Cloninger, you know that she LOVES the movie Grease.  Loves it with a white hot passion.  So when we thought about DramaRama and about showing the Sing-A-Long Version of Grease, we called two people - Neal Reed at the Fine Arts Theatre and LaNita.  And of course, LaNita is coming with her Pink Lady BFF, Jane Malec!

The Sing-a-Long version of Grease is going to be a lot of fun for two reasons:

Number One - LaNita and Jane will be there

Number Two - You will be there

(And if you don't know LaNita Cloninger and Jane Malec, you are missing out!)