Sunday, July 14, 2013

DramaRama: Asheville Night Live Winners

When all the votes were counted and all the judges' sheets were in, we had 6 performers who took home the grand prizes in Asheville Night Live!

Adult Category:
1st Place: Tina Pisano-Foor
2nd Place: Shannon Phillips
3rd Place: Jackie Canney

Youth Category:
1st Place: Ameena Hinchliffe
2nd Place: Claire Amon
3rd Place: Liam Kelley Black

It was such an incredible show, and everyone - and we do mean EVERYONE - who performed did a fabulous job. What a fun, fun night at the theatre. If you were there, you know exactly what we mean. If you weren't there, then you'll want to make plans to come next year!

Photos from rehearsal on Thursday, July 11 by Tommy Propest.

DramaRama: Thank You!

We're still waiting for the final numbers to come in, but we wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated or volunteered to help make DramaRama a success.  Thank you all for being the "community" in our theatre -

Thanks to:
Eric Mills, Daniel Hensley, Jackie Canney, Jeff Catanese, Garrett Funk, MK Penley, Carol Duermit, Brad Curtioff, Morgen Cobb, Carole Saich, Lilly Mills, Maggie Harvin, Madison Smith, Jeff Neese, Sara Fields, Kelly Rowland, Aaron Michael, Caitie SellersTawnya Watts, Amy Sawyer, Simone Bernhard, Sheila Thibodeaux, Carly Robbins, Christina Andersen, Grace Gouin, Kristina Benshoff, Luck McElreath of Flower Gallery, Melissa Thomas of Flora, Tiffany Saini, Juniper Cooper, Joti Marra, Melissa Gough, Amy Kispert, Leah McCall, Colby West, Amy Holtvedt, Amy Spedden, Luc Clerici, Lotus Caristo, Susan Sertain, Diane Gardner, Charles Josef Kamper, Aurora Moulin, Parker J. Photography, Jocelyn Mathewes - Studio Mathewes, Morgan Ford - Morgan Ford Photography, LeeAnn Donnelly - Purple Goat Photography, Audrey Goforth - Audrey Goforth Photography, Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design, JameyKay Young - Jameykay Young Photography, Mignon Petrini, Hannah Silberman, Scott Thompson - Makeup at the Grove Arcade, Serenity Eyre - Makeup at the Grove Arcade, Zack Russell - Makeup at the Grove Arcade, Heather Smith, Amanda Anderson - Dollbox Productions, Wendy Ballance - Blush by Wendy Ballance, Kristen Davis - Blush by Wendy Ballance, Emily Wells, Lalena Settlemeyer - Bari Salon, Amy Day Doherty - Pi Salon and Spa, Joanne Bolet Cafarro - Pi Salon and Spa, Nicole Bohanon - Lola Salon, Wesley Bolden of Eclipse Salon, Dena Snyder, Market Connections, Molly Kummerle, Amanda Swafford, Beth Kearney, Rikki Walker, Valerie Phillips, Alisha Jenna, Cady Barrett, Patrice Wilson, Rachel Suero, Kelsey Anne Carter, Jacqueline Franquez, Mary Bell, Kimberly Turley, Tess Miller, Malana Green, Olivia Baronowski, Lisette Marie Kamper, Amanda Joyce, Laura Schoolhouse, Caroline Miller, Brianna Cross, Gretchen Elizabeth, Sarah Merrell, Angelyn Montemayor, Jessica Neilson, Liz Spillars, Tristan Vitrol, Thomas Propest, Carson Fox, Hannah Bruce, David Fine, Jessica Savitt, Kathi Ballard, Greg Mayer, Kerry Shannon, Marcos Cunha, Waylon Wood, Jerry Crouch, Anne Wolf, Shari Smith, Carol Mills, Tom Chalmers, Charlie David, Charlie Flynn-McIver, Michael Lilly, Deborah Austin, Joey Wilton, Michael McMurtrey, Mark Lavin, Susan Maley, Sara LeDonne, Aaron Price, Grant Cuthbertson, Justin Watt, Mondy Carter, Tina Pisano-Foor, Liam Kelley Black, Keturah Dickerson, Shannon Phillips, Jerome Guesne, Emma Hammond, Eleanor Conner, Ameena Hinchliffe, Spencer Anderson, Ryan "Slim" Dixon, Vanessa DeLarca, Devyn Arroyo, Claire Amon, Liza Rain, Beth Mayo, Dave Bortle, Adam Cohen, Suzanne Williams, Trena Parker, Mike Burk, Andrew Huska, Mae Score, CJ Breland, Beth Kowalski, Dayle Purington, Sharon Sandel, Lindsay Salvati, Chip Leslie, Meridith Miller, Ed Wright, Elizabeth Cheesborough, P. Diane Chambers, Steve Riedesel, Jane Stanhope, Myrna Acevedo, Betty Doll, Linda Vickery, Alex and Terry McPherson, Sandy Davis, Suanne Faber, Hannah Parks, Shirley Cohen, David and Nadine Lloyd, Debbie Wood, Mike Vaniman, Craig Justus, Jeff Messer, Carol Motsinger, Richard Handy, Elizabeth Sheppard, Cassidy Robbins, Cary Nichols, Jill Summers, Ed Loder, Cordell Nichols, John Menkes, Peter Kanipe, and McRae Hilliard

If we have 
inadvertently missed your name, please let us know so that we can amend the list - and please accept our apology (we're finishing this up after 7 straight nights of events and aren't thinking as clearly as usual...)

And, of course, thank you to everyone who supported ACT and DramaRama by attending and donating throughout the week!  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DramaRama: Asheville Night Live - Meet the Performers!

Here's the cast of Asheville Night Live, a variety show meets late night talk show that's closing ACT's annual fundraiser, DramaRama. Performers are competing for cash prizes – and the audience helps to decide who wins by donating to ACT ($1 =1 vote).

Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students. Coming to support someone specifically? Let us know at the box office and we'll count part of your ticket purchase towards their points!

This will be a night of incredible performances - don't miss it!