Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read what an Emmy winner has to say about "Angel"

The ACT blog specializes in bringing you bits and pieces of inside information about our theatre. But we don't know how to write reviews. So when it comes to giving expert opinions on performances, we turn to ... the experts.

Today we received a stellar review bit on ACT's upcoming show Return of an Angel from Patricia Green. Patricia has won three Emmys (yes, Emmys!) as a writer/producer for "L.A. Law," "China Beach," and "Cagney & Lacey." When we receive a review from an Emmy winner, we feel it's something we must share. Here's what Patricia has to say:

"Return of an Angel is a glorious play – funny, moving, thought provoking and enormously entertaining. The acting is first-rate, the direction flawless and the music an unexpected treasure. If you’ve ever passed the Thomas Wolfe Memorial and wondered what he was like, go see Return of an Angel. It will make you so proud of Asheville and the world-class writer our town inspired."

Return of an Angel is an Occasional Theatre production. It premieres on the ACT Mainstage on October 2 and runs through October 11.

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