Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blast Off with The Big Bang!

The winter weather in Asheville will not stop Michael Cheek and Jerry Crouch from ONE FINAL attempt to sell their $83.5 million "history of the world" show to a group of would-be backers. That's you, the audience!

A trip to the theatre has never been so fun, as Feuer (Cheek) and Boyd (Crouch) use anything and everything possible in their commandeered NYC apartment to perform 18 side-splitting numbers portraying Adam and Eve, Attila the Hun, the building of the pyramids, and Julius Caesar and Columbus -- among others.

Douglas Keating of the Philadelphia Enquirer called The Big Bang the "funniest, most spirited, and downright goofy 80-minute survey of history (I've) ever seen."

Join us for the final performance to see why! Saturday, February 6, 7:30pm on the ACT Mainstage.

or call 828-254-1320.

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