Thursday, December 1, 2011

10,000th Ticket to "Santaland"

And here's another thing we're excited about:

This is our 10th year producing The Santaland Diaries -
And we'll sell the 10,000th ticket to THIS SHOW this season!

Isn't that incredible?  10,000 tickets!  When you think back to how Santaland at ACT all began - two performances a night for 9 nights in 35below, which only had 47 seats available per performance - it makes it even more phenomenal.

So, if you are the lucky person to buy that 10,000th ticket, we're giving you a fabulous gift!  You'll receive 12 gift cards (one from each of our "Santaland" featured local businesses), a season subscription to ACT, and a complimentary Go Local card from Asheville Grown.  We'll announce the winner on the night you're at the show.

10,000 tickets! Fist pump!

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