Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicago Research

True story - before Chicago was a musical, it was a play (also titled Chicago, written by Maurine Dallas Watkins). Watkins was a reporter, and the play was based on a few of the more sensational crimes she covered.

Director Jerry Crouch brought in copies of the original articles (some written by Watkins) and shared them with the cast and crew.  It's been fascinating to read the interviews with Belva Gaertner (on whom the character Velma Kelly is based) and Beulah May Annan (Roxie Hart is based on her), both of whom were suspected of murder and eventually acquitted.

We'll leave a copy of Jerry's research in the Box Office - stop by if you'd like to read for yourself what Belva, the "most stylish woman on Murderess Row," had to say about juries, gin, or guns!

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