Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best Christmas Pageant: Cast List

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! We know how much courage it takes to try out for a show, and we wish that every show had more parts to go around.

Drumroll, please! Here's the cast list for the show:

Father: Jeff Corpening
Reverend: Frank Salvo
Mother: Robin Oswald
Mrs. McCarthy: Carla Pridgen
Mrs. Slocum: Viola Williams
Mrs. Armstrong: Francis Davis
Mrs. Clausing: Karen Lechner
Imogene: Charlie Abell
Beth: Delaney Martin
Alice: JyAire McEachni
Maxine: Eleanor Conner
Doris: Isabelle McLellan
Gladys: Riley Oswald
Beverly: Victoria Weatherman
Shirley: Finlay Martin
Ralph: Cade Wooten
Elmer: Frank Davis
Leroy: Matthew Daggerhart
Claude: Brendan Nickerson
Hobie: Luke McLellan
Charlie: Gavin Reep
Ollie: Reed Atherton
David: Ben Kepple
Baby Angels: Violet Conner, Lucille Conner, Ellery Grace

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