Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cast List: The Man Who Came to Dinner

We are thrilled to announce the cast of our next Mainstage production, The Man Who Came to Dinner!

We also wanted to offer our thanks to everyone who came out to audition. We had an enormous group of extremely talented folks who came out in very chilly weather. It made our choices very hard! If your name is not on this list, please come back and audition for the next show!

Sheridan Whiteside: Steve Turner
Maggie Cutler: Christy Montesdeoca
Banjo: Pat LaCorte
Beverly Carlton: John Mendenhall
Lorraine Sheldon : Julianne Arnall
Professor Metz: George Heard
Westcott: Gary Gaines
Bert Jefferson: Coy Theobalt
Mr. Stanley: Bill Parks
Mrs. Stanley: Vicki Partin
June Stanley: Lora Ristau
Richard Stanley: Badi Mirheli
Harriet Stanley: Susan Mengel
Sandy: Caleb Owalabi
Sarah - Cook: Kathy O'Connor
John - Butler: Jim Weyhenmeyer
Dr. Bradley: Mike Vaniman
Miss Preen: Ariel Casale
Mr. Baker: Donald Ramsey

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