Friday, March 30, 2012

"Hospitality Suite" Opens April 5

We cannot wait to open this show! Hospitality Suite is one of those shows that is jam-packed with thought-provoking dialogue, interesting characters, and a powder keg of a set-up.  In a nutshell, Bob (Desmond Zampella), Larry (Dan Clancy), and Phil (Mike Vaniman) are three businessmen who discuss religion, ethics, and industrial lubricants as they await the arrival of the possible savior of their ailing company.

I've been reading reviews of other productions of the show, and this one, I think, is very compelling.  It's written by an Anglican priest after seeing a production of the show in Denver and focuses mainly on the themes of the show, especially on the characters' differing opinions of the role that faith and religion can and should play in the business world.  The best part about Hospitality Suite is that it presents this debate as an actual dialogue - as the reviewer states, there is no "bad guy" and no "religion bashing" - which is pretty refreshing.  And the other best parts about this production of the show are the stellar talent of the cast and the enthusiasm of the director.  This will be a thoughtful, exciting show!

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