Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hairspray Cast Spotlight: Carson Fox

The fantastic Mr. Fox!
Carson Fox is a junior at Enka High who is making his ACT Mainstage debut in Hairspray as a member of the Corny Collins Chorus!  Though he's a newcomer to ACT, he's a veteran performer.  From an opera at the Diana Wortham Theatre to the Asheville Symphony Chorus at both Arden Presbyterian Church and the Asheville Civic Center to the stage at Enka High, Carson has performed all over town.  We're so glad he's added ACT to his resume!

Carson, what convinced you to audition for Hairspray?
It has been a dream of mine to perform at Asheville Community Theatre ever since I saw my first musical there, Peter Pan. When I saw that they were holding auditions for Hairspray though, I had to go for it. I think that Hairspray is a bright and funny show, and I am so glad that I was cast! Everything about my experience here has been amazing!

Now that you're here, what have you enjoyed the most?
Well, my favorite moment during rehearsal was on Ron's birthday.  Ron tried so hard to hold a music rehearsal with us, but every few minutes there came balloons, cake, or visitors! I absolutely could not stop laughing

But my favorite number to perform is "You Can't Stop The Beat!" This is not only my favorite song from this musical, but it is the most fun to perform. It's so catchy, and Tina choreographed some awesome dances for it. This song is the closing number, and if it doesn't end the show with a bang for anybody else, it definitely will for me.

Carson with his most serious hat
When you're not at the theatre, what are you up to?
That depends on the time of year, and what I've gotten myself into! I go to school 5 days a week, and stay afterschool almost every day participating in some kind of practice or club. Every Sunday I attend Maple Ridge Baptist for church service. In between school and practices, I keep myself busy with school work or exercise.

You've performed all over town - is there anything in your Hairspray performance that will surprise people?
A lot of my friends and family know me as a quiet and respectful person to be around, especially my church family. If anything will be surprising to anybody who knows me, but not too well, it will surely be the "corny" kid that I am onstage!

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