Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hairspray Cast Spotlight: Phaidra Foor

Happy Birthday, dear Phaidra!
Today, Saturday, September 29 is cast member Phaidra Foor's 13th birthday! Happy happy birthday to Phaidra - and what better way to end a birthday than with 300+ people laughing, clapping, and jumping to their feet cheering?

So now that we know what your birthday will be like, what's a more typical day for you?
I usual wake up in the morning at 7, and then do all my chores like dishes and feeding the animals. Then my mom or carpool drives me to school. I go to Evergreen Community Charter School and have 4 classes a day, social studies, language arts, science and math. After school I come home, do homework, get all my stuff done. Then if I have time I love to go outside and do hand stands and flips and cartwheels. Then when my dad gets home, I grab a snack and head to rehearsal.

What has been your favorite part of rehearsals?
Just going on stage and dancing to the beat! But I also love hanging out with the other Junior Council Members during our breaks. We can always find some way to be entertained. :)

Do you hang out together when you're not at ACT?
Two other cast members and I have hung out downtown but other than that our friendship stays in the theater. We have a great cast. And I think I have connected with all the cast members!

Have you done many shows before?
I was cast as Zeneeta in last fall’s Music Man Jr. and I was a Munchkin in ACPA's Wizard of Oz. Other than that I haven't had much theater experience. I auditioned for Hairspray because I thought it would a great experience and something to take up my afternoon time. I love singing and dancing and I loved the Broadway production of Hairspray, so I knew that this show would be fun and exciting for me. :) None of my friends have ever seen me onstage, and before this show I was a very shy person. So I think a lot of people will be surprised that I even wanted to do the show!

Besides coming to see you, what would you tell a friend to encourage them to see Hairspray?
We have the best Tracy, Seaweed and Maybelle! They will blow you away. The show will just make you smile and laugh. You will love it! The whole cast and creative team have made a great show that is definitely worth seeing.

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