Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hairspray Cast Spotlight: Kirby Gibson

The luminous Kirby!
Kirby Gibson is a fresh college graduate from UNC Asheville's Drama Department who loves musical theatre! ACT audiences have seen Kirby on the Mainstage a time or two before, first appearing in the Ensemble in RENT and then singing back-up for Ty Shelton in Diva*licious. But she wasn't a big fan of Hairspray - that is, before the rehearsals started!  "This process has really made me come to appreciate what Hairspray has to offer," Kirby says. "I felt that this particular musical could benefit from the diversity and talent combination I have to offer. Given some of the subject matter of the show (integration, racism, bullying) and myself being a bi-racial individual, it seemed like a great fit for me to try and be a part of."

What are some of those moments from rehearsal that changed you into a Hairspray fan?
I loved the moments in music rehearsals where everyone would sing and all the parts were there, and it just sounded great. It's just so satisfying. Same goes for learning choreography. You have to get through learning it all, but once you have it down, it's so satisfying to just pull it out and do it!  However, I have a feeling my favorite moment has yet to come. I always get very excited when we do our first run-through with all the lights! I am stoked!

Which number in the show are you most excited about performing?
"Welcome to the 60's" is exciting because it is the first appearance of The Dynamites in our full-on costumes and wigs. We also get to shine a little with a couple of brief solos. But we are going to look and sound amazing, and the number in general is big and impressive, so it should be great. "Run and Tell That" has always been a favorite of mine, even before I knew much about the musical. It's just great fun to sing and dance to. The energy is high, the song is fun, it's just a good time all around. Wes as Seaweed does a great job and I love the choreography. By the end of the number I am good and out of breath!

Now there are also numbers that I'm not in, that I'm just excited about the audience seeing! "Nicest Kids in Town" is a great number and one of the first in the show. It might be my favorite choreography in the show, and everyone in it worked incredibly hard. It just looks great, and the song is one of the catchiest for me and one of the most fun to sing. Another high energy number."It Takes Two" is brilliantly performed by our leads, Brad and Elizabeth. It makes for one of the funniest moments in the whole show. I can't stop laughing every time I get to see it.

What else should we know?
The Dynamites' wigs! Incredible!
The wigs all look stunning and wonderfully styled - they're my favorite costume piece! I'm also a big fan of my Dynamite dress, shiny and purple!

And, whether you know someone in the cast or not, this show is going to be the definition of a good time. There are 48 very talented performers of all ages, and even more folks behind the scenes who have worked so hard to make this show what it is. The set, costumes, and lights are all incredibly impressive. Everything put together makes a fun, energetic, musical comedy.

Come see Kirby!

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  1. Of course I'll go, especially to see someone as talented as Kirby Gibson in it!