Monday, September 17, 2012

Hairspray Cast Spotlight: Leslie Lang

Leslie and her handsome husband, James
Leslie Lang is back on the ACT stage after starring in last spring's Chicago as "Liz" and "Go To Hell Kitty."  What made her come back? Leslie says, "I had such a good time doing Chicago I was anxious to try and get back up on that stage.  ACT is by far the best Community Theatre I have ever worked with.  It is definitely a "Community."

In between the evening and weekend rehearsals, Leslie can be seen on Sundays singing on the praise and worship team at Skyland United Methodist Church. 

What's it like to be a working mom and wife by day and a star of the the stage by night?  Leslie lets us behind the scenes:

"My typical day begins with my spoiled rotten toy poodle "Sammy" grunting for me to turn off the alarm because he is too comfortable cuddled up on the other half of the bed. My fabulous, handsome, fun husband James is most likely making our coffee so we can go outside on the back porch before we start our day.  My gorgeous, mature, smart, reliable daughter is running out the door to enjoy breakfast at Asheville School and catching one of her teachers for clarification before classes begin.  (Note - Sammy and I are probably still in the bed while everybody is going full throttle and my coffee is getting cold on the back porch.)  So.... I will finally get up and convince Sammy to move and then I have to pick up our shitzu off of her Princess Zoey bed and head out to the back porch with James. 

Mother and daughter or sisters?
Shortly after, James will head off to his job at Asheville School where he works in the IT department.  He loves what he does and he really loves being able to see Elise thrive at the school. I leave and go to Givens Estates where I thank the Lord daily for my job as the Marketing Representative.  I meet with a huge variety of people who inquire and move into Givens Estates.  I get to hear peoples stories everyday.  I get hugs and smiles everyday!!!  After work, I stop by the house to see the two most spoiled dogs in the world, kiss my husband and take off for the theatre for "HAIRSPRAY!!"  I get even MORE hugs and smiles there!  (Not a bad day huh???)

Once rehearsals are done, I call James to let him know I am on the way. He will greet me with a glass of wine, candles lit and a huge hug. (Seriously... are you jealous?) (Editor's note: Yes!) We will sit down at the TV to decide what to watch on our DVR. I will send my daughter a text (because that is by far the best form of communication with your children these days....) to let her know that I am home and downstairs.  We all discuss our day, most likely have some laughs, love on the spoiled doggies some more and head to bed."

How does she do it?  Fortunately, being a member of the cast of Hairspray is a lot of fun!  "You can't help but make lots of new friends.  We usually go out afterwards once a week. (Thank you Pack's Tavern...)"  

Leslie Lang in full Velma Von Tussle mode! 

Leslie could not be more different from the character she plays in Hairspray, Velma Von Tussle.  Velma is a conniving and closed-minded former beauty queen - she was crowned "Miss Baltimore Crabs" in her heyday.  And the audience will really get to know the inner workings of Velma in a number by the same name!  Leslie says, "It is such a funny number.  Poor Velma just does not get it.  She is stuck in the past and can't seem to change with the times."  What else? Leslie practically screams, "My WIGS!!!! They are sooo fun.  Stephen Veltman has done an incredible job with so many wigs." 

Don't miss the lovely Leslie Lang as the venomous Velma in Hairspray - the show opens Friday, September 21 and runs for four weekends through Sunday, October 14. Need tickets? Get them here 

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