Friday, April 26, 2013

Cast List for "Kiss Me, Kate"

This cast is incredible!  It's a great combination of new faces with familiar favorites! We couldn't be happier to welcome these super talented singers, dancers, and actors to the cast of Kiss Me, Kate.

This cast is so awesome we need to use all caps to say it again: INCREDIBLE.

Here it is:
Lilli Vanessi /Katherine - Wendy Morrison
Fred Graham/Petruchio - John Hall
Bill Calhoun/Lucentio - Lyle Laney
Loius/Bianca - Katelyn McGuirk
Gangster #1 - Pat LaCorte
Gangster #2 - Waylon Wood
Paul - Ben Falcon
Hattie - Leslie Lang
Dance Captain/Gregory - Jacob Walas
Harry Trevor/Baptista Minola - Steve Turner
Stagehand#1/Nathaniel - Bobby Abrahamson
Stagehand#2/Phillip - John Coggins
Stagehand #3/Haberbasher - Luke Haynes
Riley/Hortensio - Dwight Chiles
Flynt/Gremio - Adam Bowers
Pops/Padua Priest - Mike Vaniman
Wardrobe lady - Ruth Planey
General Harrison Howell - Jeff Catanese
Stage Manager - David Ely

Ensemble Singers: Jacqueline Canney, Candice Owen and  Nana Hosmer

Dancers: Rachel Gordon, Fleming Lomax, Lindsay Salvati, Kimberly Brown and Karyn Panek and Cari Quigley

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